The Modern Solution For Tuned Mass Damping

Compact and Flexible

Efficient damping results in a smaller footprint that can be distributed and shaped to fit in available space.

Easily Tuned and Maintained

Modular design eliminates the risk of a single point of failure and is easily tuned for multiple frequencies.

Cost Efficient

Simple design primarily composed of off-the-shelf parts easily sourced globally.

Harmonic absorption for tall and supertall structures

Tuned mass dampers absorb wind-induced sway in tall buildings.  At Hummingbird Kinetics, we’ve designed the next generation TMD. 

Unlike traditional liquid mass dampers, the Hummingbird is easily tuned and re-tuned to multiple harmonic frequencies, and because 100% of the mass is dedicated toward absorption the Hummingbird is smaller and lighter than comparable TLCDs and slosh tanks. 

Unlike traditional mass ‘pendulum’ dampers, the Hummingbird can be designed to fit in and around existing structure and equipment, or even distributed onto different floors of the structure.

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