Meet Our Team

Our Evolution: Hummingbird Development

NASA Origins

A version of (TLCGD) technology originated at NASA. They developed a new rocket for sending humans into space – but they found that this launch vehicle was susceptible to vibrations that were potentially very dangerous for humans. To mitigate those vibrations, NASA came up with something called Fluid Structure Coupling (FSC) Technology. As it turns out, this technology could be adapted to fulfill a range of very useful applications on Earth. Hummingbird Kinetics® has worked with NASA to adapt the technology for use in buildings and bridges.

Our Inventor Team

Experts from Thornton Tomasetti worked closely together to develop Hummingbird, perform system testing and refinement in the laboratory, and successfully implement a full-scale system on a building to demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing wind-induced building motions. Upon completion of this vital stage in 2018, a seamless hand-off was performed to the Hummingbird project implementation team at RWDI.

Our Future: Hummingbird Implementation

Hummingbird Kinetics® leverages the expertise from the Damping Solutions Team from RWDI, with over 25 years of experience successfully implementing high performance damping systems to resolve motion issues for structures of all types.

The RWDI team performs the design and construction implementation, while Hummingbird supplies the technology itself.

Hummingbird Engineering Team
Hummingbird Engineering Team

Message from the Board

Mike Soligo, CEO, RWDI and Tom Scarangello, CEO & Chairman, Thornton Tomasetti

".....Our two firms are proud to collaborate on the development and support of the Hummingbird Kinetics® Damping System. As building technologies continue to push the limits, this is another effective tool in our toolkit for providing our clients with a high performance and cost-effective method for controlling building motions. The Hummingbird team is comprised of highly experienced specialists in the field of structural dynamics, with an excellent track record for implementing damping solutions for over 25 years.
We all enjoy establishing and maintaining deep partnerships with our clients, and helping them achieve their project objectives....."

Message from the President

Jamieson K. Robinson, P.Eng. President & CEO Hummingbird Kinetics® LLC and Strategic Director for RWDI Damping Solutions

“I am pleased and honoured to have been asked to join the Hummingbird team in January 2019. The technology developed by our team is astounding, and will undoubtedly become a damping system solution that will be widely adopted by our industry. Our team is excited to work with our clients worldwide to design and implement the Hummingbird system on projects where it is found to be the optimal damping solution to reduce structural motions. As has always been the case, we are fully committed to providing excellent service to our clients, weighing a wide range of factors in the development of a damping strategy, and together achieving the best possible damping solution for the project. We look forward to working with you.”

Jamieson K. Robinson